Dealing with Stomach Ulcers

Another "not so great" part of having CPTSD/PTSD is stomach ulcers and it seems I now have one. While my doctor is still looking into it, there are a few things I'm trying...

  • Avoid NSAIDs (e.g. aspirin, ibuprofen)
  • Building as much self care into my day as possible - something that will look different for everyone
  • Increasing the amount of garlic I eat each day - at least 1tsp per day
  • Continuing to take probiotics, 1tsp of cinnamon each day
  • Decreasing milk and milk products, spicy food, and soft drinks
  • Eating more spinach, broccoli, and avacadoes

Acupuncture is another great thing. Here are the points you should go for: