Why you Don't Want to be "Within Range"

There's a term that's being throw around way too much today: "within range."

This term is a very subjective guideline that honestly tells you NOTHING about how your health is doing because it's based on a population of people who need testing because they're already sick or at a point where they're at less than optimal health. You don’t want to be in range of this population.

Additionally, different countries don't agree on what it means to be "within range." For instance, in Japan if you are under 500 for Vitamin B12 you'll receive treatment. However, you have to be between 190 - 300 in the UK.

Of course, it's difficult to determine exactly what level in the body each "chemical" needs to be at. Studying this would take years. However, each of these chemicals is necessary for your body to function properly. Even the studies that are done takes years to complete and then it takes years for the labs to correct their numbers. Since each lab is responsible for their own studies each lab has different numbers for "within range."

Unfortunately, this isn't something that many doctors realize or understand because they only .
treat diseases that are obvious to them. This typically occurs when your organs have either completely failed or they're very close to doing so. As such, doctors don't seem to recognize what an "ailing" organ is - something that can be very challenging for them because everyone is different. They don't seem to realize that there's an 'optimal' spot that we need to be at within this range so we can feel our best and function well. This is especially true when it comes to thyroid issues.